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2 of November of 2017

XIII International Mining-Energy Law Conference

The new edition of this Conference will be held at the Externado in November 2017, with topics focused on the need to formulate new policies in the Colombia mining-energy sector.

The mining-energy sector in the country is subject to constant regulatory changes. In this context, it is essential to analyze and discuss the need to develop new policies.

The analysis, from the Academia viewpoint, will be made on various topics, such as the stability of investments, suitability of investment agreements, relationship with local authorities and communities, evaluation of the electricity market performance and, lastly, the national policy for offshore hydrocarbon exploitation opportunities.

The event features participation by the international academic network of the Externado Mining-Energy Law Department. The network is formed by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment of Columbia University (USA); the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy of the University of Dundee (Scotland), and the University of Calgary (Canada).

Three mining-energy educational experts from the academic network institutions will participate in the discussion. They are Lisa Sachs, Peter Cameron, and Alastair Lucas.