Academic visit to Germany opportunity for Law students

The Centre for Research in Philosophy and Law invites Externado third to fifth-year Law students to participate in the call.

The selected students will accompany professor-researcher Dr. Iur Nathalia Bautista Pizarro on an academic visit to several German universities, in October 2018. The academic visit will be in English.

Students selected internally by our University will participate in the open call, organized by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The selected group will receive the following benefits:

  1. A flat amount of €50 per day, per person, as support for travel expenses and maintenance within Germany.
  2. Health, accident and liability insurance for the students and professor.
  3. €765 per person, as a subsidy for the purchase of airline tickets Colombia-Germany – Colombia.
  4. A letter from the DAAD is granting the scholarship.

Requirements for participating in the internal call:

  1. Be a third to fifth-year Law student.
  2. Have a minimum B1 English level; you can submit a copy of the IELTS or TOEFL test results. Otherwise, the level cannot be verified
  3. Demonstrate special interest in Criminal Law and Transitional Justice, or Human Rights and Transitional Justice issues. This requirement can be noted in the résumé indicating participation in the Law Faculty Criminal Law, Transitional Justice, or Human Rights research groups. Also, interest can be expressed in a letter addressed to Professor Iur Nathalia Bautista.

* Applications not complying with the three requirements listed above will not be accepted.

* All documents should be submitted before April 1, 2018, to Dr. Iur Nathalia Bautista at the following emails: and

In the subject line, please indicate your name, current year of studies, and the title “Study trip to Germany.”  Chosen students will be notified by email on April 5, 2018.

Additional conditions

As the DAAD scholarship is a partial one, the applicant agrees to assume the following additional travel expenses:

  1. Balance of airfare tickets Colombia-Germany- Colombia (approximately €335 per person)
  2. Cost of transfers between cities (approx. €60 per person)
  3. Lodging (approx. €155 per person)

*Cost for transfers and accommodation in Germany will be set for the group and can be calculated partially with the contribution awarded by the DAAD for these purposes.

Objectives of the trip

The trip, in October 2018, will be for 8 days maximum. The trip includes visits to different universities in Germany, where students, under the methodology outlined by the professor, will have the opportunity to delve into fundamental Transitional Justice questions, with special emphasis in the areas of Criminal Law and Human Rights Law.

Also, students can visit the main library at of each institution, as well as learn about their graduate programs. Additionally, to learn more about German culture, visits will be made to some of the most important museums in each city.

Additional information Meeting

To clarify concerns, a meeting with Professor Nathalia Bautista Pizarro and members of the Externado Internationalization Office has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 7, 2018, from 2.00 to 4.00 pm, Room F – 404.