VII Annual Congress of the International Public Goods Network

Professors Héctor Santaella, Julián Pimiento, and Camilo Perdomo (Externado fellow), successfully represented our House of Studies at the Congress.

The event was held June 5-7, 2019, at the University of Bologna (Italy) and the Real Colegio de España.

The International Public Goods Network was created in 2013, on the initiative of Professor Fernando López Ramón, as an informal research and collaboration network between European and Latin American universities for the study of Public Goods Law. Currently, the network comprises jurists from over twenty universities, from more than ten nations.

The 2019 annual meeting focused on Infrastructure Law, considering this topic has considerable economic significance, as it represents a strategic and decisive factor in the development and growth of each country, with important social and environmental implications. This year, the sessions addressed various infrastructure issues, with participation by the network’s national academic delegations in the discussion and comparison of legal systems, on the following themes:

– The notion of infrastructure and applicable legal regime

– The public decision on infrastructure: stratification of competencies and plurality of decision makers.

– Localization procedures and participatory systems

– Types of infrastructure and related economic activities management

– Financing techniques in the construction and development of infrastructures and trans-national infrastructure networks

Lastly, the presentations involved arguments relating to social rights and freedom of citizens, since their inclusion and participation in the decision-making process becomes essential. The researchers concluded to search for better infrastructures placement, where the institutions’ task would focus on improving community participation profiles, as well as establishing an adequate balance for those whom the realization may be detrimental.