A look at the new Global Commerce legal agenda

Within the framework of the III Certification in Global Trade with emphasis on FTA, a talk was held to analyze some of the trade agreements Colombia currently has.

The issue of global trade, specifically FTAs, has been analyzed from different disciplines and fields of knowledge. This time, the debate centered on the legal perspective of the agreements.

Participating in the discussion were Eric Tremolada, Director of the Jean Monnet Center for Thought: Business, Trade, and Integration (CEDIC); Andrés Cárdenas, Externado University Law graduate, with a Master’s in International and Comparative and Dispute Resolution Settlement from Queen Mary and the Westfield College University of London; and Santiago Diaz, Attorney, with international law studies. The meeting also had the aim of offering a preview of the topics to be addressed in the Certification Program.

The program, beginning October 2, 2017, consists of a face-to-face module and a virtual one, for a total of 104 hours.  The course ends December 8, 2017.

According to the experts, the Certification responds to a need to study these issues, given the country’s new commercial and legal system, and its relationship to world markets.