Registration opens for the Specialization in Financial Law

The Externado de Colombia University and its Financial and Securities Exchange Law Department invite all interested to register for this academic program.

The Specialization in Financial and Securities Exchange Law seeks to deepen the study of the regulations applicable to the financial sector and the securities market.

Given the implications financial systems have in globalized economies, the State’s intervention must be analyzed to determine their need and suitability. Also, to evaluate the effectiveness of the mechanisms used to achieve financial stability, consumer protection, healthy, transparent, competitive, integral, efficient, and adequately developed financial and securities markets.

Likewise, by examining the nature of the different existing markets, the various institutions involved, their operations and financial services offered, contracts, infrastructures, and other structured mechanisms are considered to meet the needs of those using these types of markets.


Classes begin: February 17, 2021

Registration fee: No payment is due for 2020 registration fees.

Discounts granted for health emergencies: 15% cash payment + 5% prompt payment.

Duration: 1 year


  • Face-to-face:Monday through Friday – 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Some classes will be held in the evening, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, or on Saturday.
  • Blended:Monthly (three and a half days) Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (all day) and Saturday morning.

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