Center for Risk and Insurance Studies – 2021 Academic Programs

The Externado de Colombia University and its Risk and Insurance Department invite all interested to participate in the following academic programs. Registration is now open.

The Center for Risk and Insurance Studies, through a solid academic training in the area of ​​Insurance and Comprehensive Risk Management, seeks to train individuals committed to recognizing that human beings and organizations make decisions entailing risk and, therefore, responsibility, as a pedagogical alternative for the consolidation of a fairer world.

In permanent connection with social reality and the public and private organizations that make it up, the Center promotes a culture of care and legality.

The Center promotes, with a multidisciplinary approach and a systemic conception, the study of private and public insurance activity, the aspects related to the insurance contract, legal relationships derived from it, and the technical, financial, accounting, and social security of private insurance, in contrast to other insurance and liability systems, promoting the understanding of risk transfer mechanisms as instruments with qualitative and quantitative limits.

The Risk and Insurance Department’s academic programs provide students with theoretical and practical tools for analysis and understanding of the different alternatives available to public and private companies to carry out financing processes, risk transfer, and obtain the necessary resources to continue developing its activities in case of loss.

Listed below are some of the institutions studied in the programs offered to endure losses: Optional reinsurance, automatic proportional, non-proportional, financial, reserves, trusts, captives, financing with assets or liabilities and their impacts.