First International Seminar: Dialogue on the relationship between human rights and enterprises in the territory

The event features participation by national and international academics and Colombia public officials.

Place: Club Campestre de Montería, Córdoba

Date: September 19-20, 2019

In today’s globalized society, enterprises are becoming increasingly relevant actors, as they lead the majority of the world economy strategic sectors having a great impact on human rights.

For the above, one of the Academia debates today pertains to the relationship between businesses and human rights. The nature and scope of their obligations, as well as the capacity of national and international mechanisms to resolve human rights violations through different approaches, ranging from corporate social responsibility and public policies, to the binding treaty on enterprises’ responsibility for human rights violations.

The main topics of the event are:

· Discussions on international regulation alternatives on human rights and territory enterprises involved (United Nations guiding principles, codes or standards of good practices from the OECD and the ILO, United Nations binding treaty, etc.).

· National and territorial options for regulating human rights and businesses; from corporate social responsibility to public policies (National Plan of Action, Colombia Guidelines, etc.).

· Effects in the territory of the constitutional human rights tensions and enterprises (citizen participation mechanisms, ethnic minorities rights, Constitutional Court jurisprudence, etc.).

· Enterprises and human rights practice. A few examples of the difficulties in the territories.

Event Participants:

International Academics: Humberto Cantú, Manoela Roland, Selene Hernández, Juan Jesús Meza, Juan Luis Gómez, María Oswelina Murad, Mireya Castañeda, Bruce Barnaby.

Officials: Carlos A. Negret, Amylkar Acosta, Juanita López Patrón, Félix Manzur, Carlos Camargo, Paula Robledo, and María Carolina Corcione, among others.