New consumer protection perspectives: “Validity and effects of consumer consent” Symposium

The Externado de Colombia University Economics Law Department organized the meeting, with participation by several of our professors and foreign guests.

For two days, the theme was analyzed from different standpoints, from the rigor of Private Law to the new doctrinal trends in Economic Analysis of the Law. Also analyzed were consent in consumer relations and consumer protection standards in the context of new information and communication technologies.

Carlos Alberto Chinchilla Imbett, Civil Law Department Professor, noted how “in general, the analysis concludes the importance of protecting weak parties in business relationships, especially those related to  Consumer Law.”

For his part, Daniel Monroy Cely, of the Economics Law Department, stated the main novelty at the symposium was the introduction of new, unconventional, approaches for attorneys, on how to address the consumer protection issue: “specifically, the idea that from the regulator or authority’s perspective, the defense of the consumer passes by understanding its psychology.”

For the guest panelists, the importance of the Symposium pertains to the growing academic interest in studying how to build consumer consent, in light of the particularities of a society in constant motion and the existing tension between market agility and consumer protection.

Monroy stated the meeting determined the different contributions that can be made from the Academia, to professionals as well as consumer protection authorities, such as the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, the Financial Superintendency, and the public services regulation commissions. “On the other hand, these meetings demonstrate that even though there are adequate regulations, there is still ample space to discuss the best alternatives to better protect consumers,” he said.