The current importance of International Contracting

The Business Law Department opens registration for the Specialization in International Contracting and expounds on the importance of this discipline.

In today’s world, the presence of financial agents, from different cultural and economic perspectives, is more and more frequent. With globalization, the old borders delimiting the legal systems become blurred. The constant presence of differences (language, culture, and traditions), among other things, creates new demands in international relations and Law.

These circumstances are added to a political context increasingly polarized, where Colombia is no exception. It is a phenomenon suggesting various legal challenges. One of the challenges of the current legal environment is the knowledge of institutions such as common law, as due to globalization, new market actors emerge, national as well as international. These new subjects are grouped into consumers, distributors, and producers. The relationship among them requires legal professionals, including judges, lawyers, consultants, negotiators, and, in general, experts in Law, or related sciences, knowing how to fulfill their clients’ needs and be in tune with the current reality.

International Contracting emerges in the above context. This discipline is illustrated by the Peace Palace Library, an international order institution that understands that « transactions in international business are described through an international contract, containing the goals and commitments of the parties involved and the terms governing the transaction. When the parties belong to different systems and decide to enter into a contract, the parties are bound by international contract law, unless they opt to be governed by the national rules of their country» (free translation).

Thus, attorneys specializing in this discipline are aware their services will be not only demanded by financial agents, such as multinationals, investors, and private individuals, but also by international organizations, such as States, interested in the full application of these legal sciences.

The Specialization in International Contracting offered by the Externado has an international focus and understands that the operative will venture in a context marked by the use of the English language.

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