Update day: “New General Disciplinary Code. Laws 1952 of 2019 and 2094 of 2021”.

The Department of Administrative Law and the School of Administrative Law of the Universidad Externado de Colombia invite you to participate in this event in which, with the participation of distinguished professors, all the substantial and procedural changes implemented by the new Code will be explained from an academic, practical and critical angle.

  • Date: October 25
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Venue: Zoom Platform

Does the new General Disciplinary Code that repeals Law 734 of 2002 imply substantial and procedural changes? Yes, but with stumbling blocks, criticisms and challenges. The final sanction of Law 1952 of 2019 was difficult, its entry into force was postponed several times and, in the meantime, it has already undergone a major reform. Although the discussion of the Code in Congress was expeditious, several of its articles were challenged for inconvenience and unconstitutionality and the text had to be redrafted.  Colombia was subsequently condemned by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and Law 2094 of 2021 reformed the Code, before its entry into force, to respond to conventional requirements. However, the solution is not completely satisfactory and raises more questions than answers.

In view of this situation and the partial entry into force of the Code on June 29, the Administrative Law School of the Universidad Externado de Colombia will hold an update seminar on the “New General Disciplinary Code, aimed at public servants, litigants in the field, academics and students in general.

Thematic axes

– Subjects of disciplinary power

– Disciplinary offenses

– Substantial unlawfulness

– Penalties and proportionality

– Procedural reforms, verbal process

– Administrative and jurisdictional functions

– Disciplinary power and conventionality

Free virtual event

Registration required derecho.adm@uexternado.edu.co

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