Enrollment open for the 2021 and 2022 postgraduate courses in Economic Law

The Department of Economic Law invites interested parties to learn about the academic offerings available for the second semester of 2021 and for the first semester of 2021.

Master’s Degrees:

  • Master’s Degree in Economic Law / research modality

Our objective is to contribute to the creation of knowledge by training researchers of the highest quality, who use the scientific method for the development of academic research in economic law. Through a solid training process in the theoretical issues of economic law and regulation, and under a structure with emphasis on the research component, the student projects in his research work to fill knowledge gaps in the different lines of the program.

Our challenge is to consolidate an active and vital academic community in the discussion of topics that are of interest to this interdisciplinary area of knowledge.

The Economic Analysis of Law is the transversal axis of the program and its differentiating research methodology. Currently, it is the only program in the subject with a research modality in Colombia.

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  • Master’s Degree in Economic Law with emphasis on Economic Regulation and Economic Analysis of Law

This interdisciplinary program is aimed at professionals with training in law, finance, government and international relations and other related disciplines, who have skills in the study and application of case studies on issues related to the economic analysis of law and economic law.

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  • Master’s Degree in Economic Law with emphasis on Public Services

The Master’s program in Economic Law with emphasis on Public Utilities aims to contribute to the knowledge and current debates on issues related to the different sectors of public utilities by providing students with the bases and tools of analysis appropriate for the understanding of the political, institutional, economic contexts of legislation and regulation, thus generating skills for the design of public policies and regulatory measures.s.

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  • Master’s Degree in Economic Law with emphasis on International Economic Law, Trade, Transactions and Investment. 

Considering the problems of the globalized world, it is important that professionals working in areas related to trade, international transactions and operations and investment, both in the public and private sectors, are prepared to understand and apply the legal instruments that are in constant transformation.

The objective of this master’s degree is to analyze the institutions that guide and regulate trade relations, international business and transactions, and investment, as well as the structures from which it is possible to carry out integration processes between countries and companies.

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  • Specialization in International Economic Law

The academic contribution of the specialization in International Economic Law with emphasis on international disputes and litigation is substantial, since its thematic structure is coherent, strengthens the concepts, tools and criteria of legal and economic analysis, making the international economic system and its interrelation with local business and regulation understandable and useful in day-to-day practice.

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  • Specialization in Market Regulation

The purpose of the Specialization in Market Regulation is for students to identify and qualify conducts that violate the free competition protection regime. In this way, they will study of restrictive business practices and unfair competition in a more in-depth manner, through economic tools and case analysis. Likewise, they will be able to go more in-depth, at their choice, into the consumer protection regime or in the regulation and control of products.

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For further information about the academic programs of our Department, please write an email to: dereconomico@uexternado.edu.co