Registration opens for the Masters in Economic Law with emphasis on Banking and Securities Law

This comprehensive program aims to train professionals with an interdisciplinary vision, conceptual clarity, broad capacity for legal-critical-constructive analysis, and genuine research interest.

The Masters provides the necessary tools so participants can develop, express, and defend a solid criterion in the face of the various legal problems generated in banking, financial, and stock market activities. Also, in the work of the institutions developing them, people’s offer and demand activity, and State intervention.  All from a domestic and international perspective.

Classes will start on February 3, 2021.

No payment is due for 2020 registration fees.

Discounts granted for health emergencies: 15% cash payment + 5% prompt payment.

Duration: 2 years

Schedule:  Blended; monthly (three and a half days) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (all day), and Saturday morning.

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