Registration open for the Master’s program in Economic Law with emphasis on Banking and Stock Market Law

This Master’s program is an integral program designed to form professionals with an interdisciplinary vision, a conceptual clarity, a broad, critical and constructive analytical capacity for legal analysis, and a genuine interest in research.

This academic program provides the necessary tools so that each participant will have the capacity to elaborate, express and defend solid criteria faced with the diverse legal problems generated in the banking, financial and stock market sector, as well as the know-how about the institutions relating to this sector, the people who work in and need in these institutions. There will also be a component about State intervention in these markets, from a domestic and international perspective.

  • Deadline for registration: April 1st, 2022.
  • Classes begin on May 11th, 2022.
  • Discounts available because of the sanitary emergency: 12% financial + 3% for opportune payment.
  • Duration: 2 years.

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