Registration opens for the Specialization in Financial and Securities Exchange Law

The Specialization in Financial and Securities Exchange Law seeks to deepen in the study of the regulation applicable to the financial sector and the stock market.

This interdisciplinary program is directed to professionals with training in Law, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Government and International Relations, Engineering, Business Administration and related disciplines, with experience in the financial and stock market sectors, working in public or private entities, or wishing to enter the field.

Benefits and added value

The Specialization in Financial and Securities Exchange Law program offers the following:

· Over eighteen 18 years of experience in the study, research, and teaching of the topics contained in the program.

· Interdisciplinary environment (professors, students, relationship with other University departments and faculties) allowing to understand and further deepen in the study subjects.

· Professors active in the practice or having worked in different markets, from a public or private perspective.

· Professor-researchers and research lines supporting students’ investigative processes.

· The positioning of the program in the sector: for its comprehensive and detailed market level

· A wide network of alumni and industry contacts.

Registration will be open until Friday, November 14, 2018, in a face-to-face modality.