II Arbitration Conference: Successes, failures, and challenges of the Hinestrosa Law

The Externado University Business Law Department invites to the meeting, on October 12, 2017, in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the enactment of Law 1563 of 2012.

In this edition, the sessions feature the drafters of the Law who will make a retrospective analysis of the most controversial issues which will be the basis for discussions in all fields of the Law, from widely developed topics such as Administrative and Commercial Arbitration, to others whose impact has not been differentiated, such as Small Causes Arbitration.

The Conferences are considered a dialectic and dialogic stage where doctrinal positions of major experts on the subject will be addressed in panels structured for constructive debate, offering attendees a multidimensional view of the vicissitudes this law has faced in the last five years.

Also, a space has been allocated for young National and International Arbitration talents, who will have the opportunity to debate and present their positions in the academic space, pointing to the integral formation of those who will implement the Law in the future.

Arbitration is currently one of the most important branches of the Law, and its prominence has recently increased as it is being applied in the resolution of conflicts. During 2015, the Arbitration Center of the Bogotá Chamber estimated the value of the claims filed amounted to $2.42 billion pesos.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance, refreshments, and event academic material.

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