The MinTIC supports a preventive surveillance public policy

Juan Sebastian Rozo Rengifo, General Vice-minister of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies, offered a conference, organized by the Telecommunications Law Department.

The speaker explained how the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies is working to achieve a public policy with prevention as the central focus, with special attention to the dissemination of the policy to the regions, through conferences facilitating compliance with the laws, regulations, and contractual obligations of telecommunications and broadcasting services providers.

At the meeting, Juan Sebastian Rozo Rengifo, an Externado Law graduate, stated this public policy is based on promoting self-regulation of communication service providers (mobile and non-mobile).

As the Vice Minister mentioned, a series of training meetings for providers’ adoption of MinTic tools must be scheduled. This is why the Ministry’s presence in the regions is so important.

 “We are in the process of designing educational tools to help compliance with operators’ obligations while recognizing the limitations in different parts of the country. In this way, we want to encourage an improvement culture and avoid penalties,” said the Vice-Minister.

To ensure the development of this public policy, the Ministry devised a regulation, consisting of three parts.  First, a preliminary analysis of the obligations; second, responsibility for verification of specific aspects; and third, comprehensive audit.

The above, to provide a fundamental tool for preventive surveillance, which, according to the Vice- Minister, has the goal to encourage providers to propose improvements in their internal processes.

Also, it has the goal to encourage providers, based on this public policy, to make a greater commitment to finding deep-rooted solutions and correct evidenced or problematic situations encountered in the preventive surveillance equipment.

“If in the long-run, the procedure is unsuccessful, failure to comply with at least one of the corrective measures contained in the improvement plan will trigger an administrative examination procedure,” emphasized Rozo Rengifo.