Special Edition of Intellectual Property Certifications – 2019 – II

This edition, proposed by the Intellectual Property Department, comprises three cutting edge, highly specialized programs.

Study of the fashion and design creative industry; Analysis of innovative intellectual property (IP) contractual forms in the digital age, and Competition Law and Study of distinctive signs of strategic business advantages.

The Fashion Certificate studies the nature of this industry, considered one of the most competitive and innovative in Colombia and the world. It teaches students the concepts for effective legal protection via intellectual property in the foreign trade environment. Additionally, it provides knowledge on tax, labor, and technological limitations and incentives, and, even, those determined by Environmental Law and the link between fashion and human rights. In short, it seeks to train students in the management of the elements necessary to establish enterprises in this sector and the best legal protection for exporting fashion products.

The course is directed to fashion designers, industrial designers, fashion houses, digital influencers, fashion image advisors, creatives, entrepreneurs, fashion exporters, attorneys, economists, engineers, public institutions and, in general, professionals interested in this field.

The Certificate in IP Contracting in the digital age and Competition Law analyzes contractual forms originating in the Internet of Things. It addresses the legal challenges of artificial intelligence; studies the implications of technology transfer agreements for innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors; analyzes contractual copyright modalities in art, audiovisual, and publishing industries. Also, it examines IP abusive clauses; competition and biotechnology; genetic contracts and transfer of genetic material, and patents license contracts, closing with simulated hearings – Moot Court – practices.

This course is directed to attorneys, engineers, economists, physicians, biologists, chemists, pharmacists, patent examiners, researchers, scientists, IP law firms, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, public institutions and, in general, all interested in the subject.

The Certificate in Distinctive Signs provides training to carry out brand requests, cancellations, nullities, as well as the procedural and substantial study of unfair competition actions and infringement of these signs. Students will be trained with an overview of the brand operation systems in the world, with special emphasis on the State and Federal systems of the United States and the European Union brand. Also, the course will deepen into the operation of Trademark Law in Colombia, the Andean Community of Nations, and the international environment. The course will close with workshops to develop skills for creating brands with strategic business advantages and optimal legal protection.

The Certification is directed to attorneys, economists, advertisers, business administrators, public institutions, social communicators, sociologists, IP law firms, entrepreneurs, innovators, marketing specialists, image administrators and, in general, all those interested in this field.