Externadista professor, member of the Scientific Council of the Institut du Genre de France

She is Carolina Vergel Tovar, professor-researcher of the Constitutional Law Department, with a summa cum laude Law PhD from the Ouest Nanterre University and the French School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences.

Our professor has been selected to be part of the Scientific Council of the Institut du Genre of France, an institution bringing together academics in gender studies in France, collecting research and projects from more than 30 universities, institutes, and research centers, from an interdisciplinary perspective.

With this appointment, the professor is the only Latin American member of the Scientific Council, which, of course, is a source of pride for our University.

Vergel’s doctoral thesis, on the uses of law relating to women victims of the armed conflict in Colombia, was awarded the Alejandro Ángel Escobar Foundation Human Sciences National Award (2014). Her work was recognized at the Varenne Foundation Awards in France, in the thematic axis “Démocratisation (Transition démocratique, Justice transitionnelle et sortie de conflit).”

The professor is also a member of the Latin American Network of Law Scholars (Red Alas). She is one of the founders of the Humanas Corporation – Colombia – and current member of its board of directors. Additionally, she directs the university radio program “Derecho a la Carta.”