Externado Professor awarded a Law Ph.D., with the highest rating

Brenda Salas Pasuy, Professor-Research of the Intellectual Property Law Department, obtained her doctorate from the University Paris II Panthéon - Assas.

On July 12, 2017, Externado Professor Brenda Salas Pasuy, was awarded a Doctorate of Law degree by the University Paris II Panthéon – Assas.

Her thesis, “La protection de la mode en Droit Colombien: le recours aux dessins et modèles” (Protection of the fashion industry in Colombian Law: industrial design recourse), was directed by Professor Alain Ghozi.

The Professor’s thesis centered on intellectual property, focusing on the study of the fashion industry under the Colombian legal system. She performed an analysis from the perspective of Colombian Law, framed within the Andean Communitarian Regime, and from the French and the European Union Law.

Her research was awarded the highest ranking, très honorable avec félicitations du jury (cum laude with congratulations from the jury). The panel of judges, consisting of Professors Jean – Christophe Galloux, Nicolas Binctin, and Vanessa Jiménez-Serranía, experts in the field, exalted the quality of her thesis.

In light of the above, Professor Salas was nominated for the best doctoral thesis award. The corresponding French academic authorities study the options and will announce the results within the next few months.

The new Ph.D. has been associated with the Externado de Colombia University for ten years and pursued her doctorate for the past six years. “I am very happy and very grateful, especially to Rector Juan Carlos Henao, Professor Edgar Cortés, Professor Alain Ghozi, and Department Director, Ernesto Rengifo,” stated the researcher.