Certification in Market and Competition Analysis

The Economics Law Department and the Faculty of Economics invite to register for this diploma which will analyze these terms using different models, approaches, and instruments.

The program features Externado University professors, Superintendence of Industry and Commerce officials, directors of public and private entities, all with extensive experience and track records In Economic Analysis and Competition law.

The course will address the market, a term used every day, but far more complex than described in textbooks. The market involves many actors: producers, consumers, firms, unions, regulators, competition authorities and policymakers, each making multiple strategic decisions regarding products and services, production processes, marketing, technology, and policies, reacting to the market conditions and their business environment or, simply, based on their expectations. This not only impacts each one but others, and on many occasions, other markets or seemingly independent sectors.

The program is based on the premise that “each market has its logic” and the analysis depends on the perspective from which it is perceived.

Therefore, the course will delve into markets analysis and understanding of fundamental economic concepts, focusing on the study of the competition, through the analysis of strategic behavior of the firm, the consumer, the role of the regulator and the competition authority, geared to the assessment of its impact on the market structure, the consumers, and on general well-being.