Sports Marketing Course

The Constitutional Law Department invites to enroll in the course developed by the Externado de Colombia University and LaLiga Business School.

Our University’s alliance with LaLiga Business School is an intellectual challenge, targeted to the commitment of professionalizing the management of the organizations and agencies making up the Colombian Sports National System. More and more, the System and its affiliates need professionals with knowledge applicable to the growth of the Colombian sports industry.

Specialists from the LaLiga Marketing Department will head the Sports Marketing Course. The idea is to train, based on Spanish professional soccer knowledge and experience, to create marketing strategies and generate spectators at a global level, aiming to extrapolate them to national sports.

This type of sports management action lines will be projected from the national level, as is the case of Colombian professional soccer. The course features participation by the Dimayor and the Colombian Soccer Federation (FCF).

The course is designed from a national sports public policy perspective; particularly, given the upcoming National Bicentennial Games in 2019, in which its governing body, Coldeportes, will participate.

At the conclusion of the course, a chat on the importance of sports training will be held, featuring the University, LaLiga Business School, Coldeportes, the Colombian Olympic Committee, Dimayor, and the Colombian Soccer Federation, with the goal to stimulate constructive discussion and, at the same time, generate networking among participants.

To who is the Course directed?

All interested in taking a first step towards the country’s sports industry and professionals wishing to expand their skills and sports management abilities in areas such as modern and digital marketing, brand positioning, expansion of a sports entity business lines, or develop entrepreneurial projects in the sector.


The course will be held May 8, 9, and 10, 2019


Externado de Colombia University


Coldeportes, Colombian Olympic Committee, Dimayor, and the Colombian Soccer Federation