Stock Market Refresher Course

The course will be offered Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 9:00 am.

The Financial and Securities Exchange Law Department and its Financial Law and Stock Exchange Observatory Research Center invite the general public to register for the refresher course, directed to Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, and related field professionals

The purpose of the update course is to provide attendees with theoretical and practical elements on each subject and offer updates on the latest regulatory reforms.

September 17-November 21, 2018
Subject Hours
Issue and public offering of securities 12
Investment risk assessment 6
Derivatives and hedging transactions 6
Legal aspects of securitization 10
Investment banking 8
Contractual aspects of the Stock Market I and II 12
Negotiation and compliance 9
Stock Exchange and non-stock exchange trading mechanisms 9
Total hours 72
Total investment (COP) $1,800,000

* The course will be developed within the subjects contained in the Department’s graduate programs.