Registration opens for the Master’s in Medical Law

The program will provide students with the tools to carry out research work, deepen theoretically and practically into Medical Law, and perform as consultants and advisors to clinics, hospitals, EPS, and IPS.

The Master’s in Medical Law program is a product of the University’s constant concern to offer professionals from different disciplines a program open to the analysis of health sciences and their relationship with the Law.

Aware of the ongoing science progress in health-related issues and its consequent legal regulation, this graduate program will provide professionals the necessary foundations to analyze theoretical problems and case studies and find all the legal solutions to questions in the research and practice of health sciences and related disciplines.

Duration: Two years, 16 sessions


Face-to-face sessions: held at the Externado University, once a month for three and a half days: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – all day – and Saturday morning.

All interested in registering may do so before November 1, 2019. Classes start on February 5, 2020.