30 years after their graduation, Law School graduates met again

Last December 10, 36 graduates of the 1991 graduating class of the School of Law gathered to remember their time at the University and to strengthen their bonds of affection and friendship.

Since 2001 the graduates have organized this meeting every five years to celebrate being externs and strengthen the friendship and bond that the University helped them forge: “The University not only gave us knowledge, it also gave us life opportunities in all fields, especially in the workplace and in friendship, because we are all great friends,” said graduate Ángela Cardoso, on behalf of her classmates.

This meeting was held with the support of the Alumni Office and the Dean’s Office of the School of Law, who, on behalf of the University, presented 10 books from the publishing house of our University. Also, Professor Emeritus, Emilssen González de Cancino, sent, through a video, a very special greeting to her alumni.

“We thank the Universidad Externado de Colombia for allowing us to have great friends, this is what always motivates us to find ourselves, to see that regardless of the difficulties that, although they have been very strong, we remain united, we remain with faith and with the fortitude that better days will come,” concluded Cardoso.

It is a source of pride and happiness for our School to know that our graduates continue to meet again years after their graduation, to remember their time at the Externado and to reaffirm the bonds of affection and friendship that were woven during their university life.