Dundee University (Scotland) Student is Doing his Research Fellowship at Externado

Richard Wichmann, who is studying the master’s degree in Law and International Energy Policy of the Centre of Energy, Petroleum Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee, is doing a two-month research fellowship in the Department of Mining-Energy Law of our Alma Mater. He will be under the direction of Professor Milton Fernando Montoya, who is also an honorary professor at the Scottish institution.

The Externado Hosts the Visit of 15 Students from Autonomous University of Nuevo León México, Monterrey Campus

On 21 June, 15 students from the Law program of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León México, Monterrey campus arrived at our Casa de Estudios (alma mater). They will participate in the summer courses in ‘Economic regulation in the energy, oil, and mining sector and in digital law: its applications and challenges’.

Professor Juan Pablo Domínguez Angulo Received Honourable Mention, Cum Laude, on his PhD Thesis Defense

Juan Pablo Domínguez Angulo, professor and member of the Group of Investigation of Law Legal Institutions and Development – IJUD of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali and PhD candidate in Law, Universidad Externado de Colombia, read his thesis entitled “A critique of the concept of causality in the law of tort from the ontology of recognition.”

Externado Alumnus Receives Honourable Mention on his PhD Thesis Defense at the Universidad Panamericana (UP), Mexico City

Professor Luis Vicente Bustos received a distinction on the defense of his thesis entitled “Constitutional Dialogue and the Colombian Mining Sector”. It was based on a study about the application of the saving clause for the resolution of conflicts in the sector.