Call for the First Edition of the “Global Jurist Award”

The call is for essays under the title “2030: A new horizon for International Economic Law?”

The Externado de Colombia University, the University of Zaragoza (Spain), the Pontificia Universidad Catholica (Chile), the Pontificia Universidad Católica (Peru), the National University of Rosario (Argentina), the Technological University (El Salvador), and the Latin American Network of International Economic Law (RED LAT-DEI) present the first edition of the “Global Jurist Award.”

This call seeks to open a forum for reflection and debate on the future of International Economic Law. The year 2020 is developing in a profoundly unforeseen and disruptive way, without leaving a legal, economic, or social scope, apart from the global crisis generated by COVID-19.

Based on this extremely volatile new scenario, this call for essays intends to look ahead and encourage contributions to the development of International Economic Law (IEL). Taking the year 2030 as a temporary horizon, the Global Jurist Award wishes to recognize an author (s) making accurate evaluations of the present-day institutional IEL, and also offer sound proposals on how the changes IEL is experiencing should be implemented throughout the twenties decade.

Essays submitted to the “Global Jurist Award” must be unpublished and comply with the designated style rules.

Learn more about the call and participation requirements here.