Juan Carlos Garzón is Participating in the ICT Sector National Handover Commission

Mr. Garzon is one of the nine Externadistas who were invited to make recommendations to the national Government on matters relating to the Information and Communications Technology sector.

“This professional opportunity of having been invited, in a personal capacity, to form part of the ICT sector national handover commission is a symbol of recognition of the high academic and technical quality of the PhD Law program and the Specialisation in Regulation and Management of Telecommunications and New Technologies of Externado de Colombia University. I have had the opportunity of being a student in both programs and in drafting relevant publication about the situation in the communications and media sector,” affirmed the Externadista.

Dr. Garzon also thanked the teaching body at Externado University: “You have given us the necessary theoretical and methodological training to be able to interpret the national reality and help propose legal frameworks and public policies that contribute to the social, political, technological, cultural, and productive development of the country. Thank you also to Externado University for training the country’s ruling class and to the other fellow graduates who, due to their professional merits, have been selected to join the presidential handover commission.”

Universidad Externado de Colombia congratulates Juan Carlos Garzón on this important appointment, with which he will contribute to the mitigation of the digital divide in the country.