Externadistas Form Part of the Handover Commission of the ICT Sector

A team of nine Externadistas, graduates of the Telecommunications Law Department, forms part of the joint commission between the outgoing government and the incoming administration on issues related to the Information Communications and Technology sector.

Sandra Milena Ortiz Laverde, an Externado lawyer and director of the Telecommunications Law Department, is one of the members of the commission. Her role in this process is to make recommendations on aspects that can be improved by the incoming government, to contribute and improve some specific conditions in the sector.

“As an academic, it is an all-encompassing exercise in the ICT sector. Although the Telecommunications Law Department actively participates by offering comments on the regulatory documents that are presented by the different authorities of the sector, the overall vision being presented is an articulation of the development of different public policies for the four-year period. They serve as a starting point to be taken into account for the elaboration of new laws and reforms that are required in the face of connectivity, inclusion and the challenges of the ICT sector, in a framework of simplification and harmonisation,” says the research professor.

For Sandra Ortiz, as director of the Department, it is very gratifying that nine graduates have been appointed as members of the task force, and that they can present comments and suggestions for the new regulatory decisions of the sector in the country. This is thanks to their knowledge and expertise.

Universidad Externado de Colombia congratulates the Externadistas who were chosen to take forward such important work for all Colombians.