Externado University signs a Cooperation Agreement with Institut Catholique de París (ICP)

Sarina Singh is the first student in the Master’s in Law on Artificial Intelligence of the Institut Catholique de Paris who was involved in an exchange with our alma mater, specifically in the Master’s in State Law with an emphasis in Telecommunications.

The student completed her Master’s internship, over a period of three months, in the Department of Data and Technology Transactions of Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe, Paris. This experience reaffirmed her goal of being an international practicing lawyer in New Technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

Sarina is passionate about languages, foreign cultures and travelling. She is also passionate about technologies and wants her professional career to reflect this. Her love for Latin America led her to pursue the exchange program at the Externado.

As a result of this exchange program, she has the opportunity to understand in depth, the legal, economic and political situation in Colombia. She can also work in a Spanish language context and develop her ideas next to students who have the same interests as her. Further, she wants to share and exchange ideas with her classmates and to get involved in projects that have a technology focus.

All at Externado de Colombia university wish Sarina Singh the very best in her academic studies at our alma mater.