“Un Libro por Centavos” pays tribute to Cartagenian intellectual and humanist Gustavo Ibarra Merlano

The Cartagenian’s children, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, friends, admirers, and poets gathered at the Externado to pay tribute to the late writer Gustavo Ibarra Merlano (q.e.p.d.).

Nobel Gabriel García Marquéz admired Ibarra Moreno with devotion, as he was his first tutor and professor of Latin and Greek readings: “He was an extraordinary human being, an intellectual in the full sense of the word; in short, a man irrevocably faithful to his spiritual needs, “stated the Nobel laureate.

During the tribute, Gabriel Ibarra, one of the poet’s sons, commended our House of Studies for the publication of book no. 161 Viento voluble en medio del agua,” an anthology rescued from oblivion and placed in the hands of hundreds of readers, thanks to the distribution of 8,000 copies, a dream never experienced by the poet.

Gabriel shared anecdotes and family stories that won over the audience. He described his father as an infinitely tender and loving human being, stripped of all vanity and ostentation, who, by example, taught them there are things that are never negotiable, never compromised.

For over two hours, participants read aloud from their complimentary poetry books, and with great admiration and love, enjoyed a close past, listening to beautiful and interesting stories.

The event, attended by close to 60 people ended with profuse hugs, laughter.