Last Ellas Cantan” encounter: Tribute to poet Maruja Vieira

On Sunday, June 28, 2020, the last meeting was held with Spanish-American poets, published in the “Antología de la Colonia y el Renacimiento, hasta nuestros días”.

This time, we paid tribute to poet Maruja Vieira, her poetry, and her tenacity in defending and raising women’s poetic voice during her 98 years of existence.

This meeting was particularly poignant, not only due to the presence of Maruja Vieira, dean of Colombian poetry and poets’ “Mama Grande” (98 years old) but because many of the participants, at the end of the event, sent messages and videos about her, sharing the enormous emotion they felt when they first saw her and hearing her recite, by heart, her poems to her father.

Five poets were invited to the meeting to share in the reading of the texts by the deceased poets: Santa Teresa de Jesús of Spain, 16th century, in the voice of Spanish poet, María Ángeles Pérez López; Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, 17th century, read by Mexican poet Eduardo Langagne; María Mercedes Carranza, 20th century, in the voice of her daughter, Melibea Garavito Carranza; Alfonsina Storni, 19th century, read by Luz Mary Giraldo, and Meira Delmar, 20th century, in the voice of Clara Mercedes Arango.

At the end of the encounter, on a Sunday afternoon, and with a large number of attendees, we reiterated the invitation to our next meeting on July 12, 2020, with the theme: Poetics.