Winners of the X University Chronicle Competition 2018

The winning chronicles were "Quitapesares," by Jesús Miguel Paternina Durán, and "Llegó la hora de un café con pan de mantequilla,” by Douglas Oswaldo Beltrán Badel.

On November 1, 2018, Competition judges Mónica Medina, María Paulina Ortiz, and Milcíades Arévalo, met at the Cultural Decanatura to announce the winners of the X University Chronicle Competition, Externado de Colombia University.

After reading and evaluating the chronicles submitted by students from 19 universities throughout the country, the judges awarded the first prize, consisting of 1,000,000 pesos, in cash, to the Chronicle “Quitapesares,” signed with the pseudonym “Leonidas Alonso,” corresponding to Jesús Manuel Paternina Durán, second-semester Literature student at the Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga.

The second prize of 500,000 pesos was awarded to the chronicle “Llegó la hora de un café con pan de mantequilla,” signed with the pseudonym “Vadel, El Flaco,” corresponding to Douglas Oswaldo Beltrán Badel, fourth-semester Social Communication student at the Universidad del Norte.

Following are the winning chronicles:

First Prize: “Quitapesares”

Second Prize: “Llegó la hora de un café con pan de mantequilla”

To view the minutes of the judges’ decision, click here