Spanish poet Javier Gallego speaks on journalism and poetry at the Externado

The event offered a space for dialogue between the poet and journalist, and the attendees, mostly Social Communication students, who took the opportunity to express their concerns on the communication media.

The Externado de Colombia University Cultural Decanatura and the Library joined the celebration of the 26th International Poetry Festival of Bogotá, this time with participation by Spanish poet Javier Gallego, who spoke on different topics, to an audience made up by academics, students, and poetry lovers.

Gallego alluded to his career as a journalist in radio media and how, due to political circumstances in his country some years ago, he commenced independent projects, with financial support from his listeners, which today have transcended to digital media, through which his programs are broadcast.

He also referred to the decline of the communication profession around 2008, when Spain experienced a severe economic crisis resulting in an exponential increase in unemployment figures.

Also, the poet took the opportunity to present his book “El grito en el cielo” containing poems on everyday, political, romantic, and erotic themes, read with an extraordinary voice transporting listeners to the scenarios he describes.

“We must try to think differently, and that is what poetry does – search how to synthesize reality, to view it another way, telling what we see every day in a different way.  I believe a journalist should try to do the same: not fall into the cliché, avoid the obvious, look deeper. One has to look at the little picture to be able to talk about the big one, said the poet.