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“Un libro por centavos” Collection at Stanford, Harvard, and Yale Libraries

In its 14 years of uninterrupted monthly publication, the free “Un libro por centavos” Collection, now reaching issue number 141, has become one of the foremost poetry repertoires from Latin America. Recently, the Collection was incorporated into the bibliographic catalogs of the prestigious universities, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, in the United States.

“Un libro por centavos” Collection and the Cultural Decanatura in the Externado de Colombia “Radiólogo” Program

On November 23, 2017, Social Communication – Journalism students, members of the Radio Production Seedlings Group, Cristian Alejandro Ramírez Beltrán, Daniel Alejandro Murcia Godoy, Sergio Iván Betancourt, and Alejandra Osorio, guided by Professor Amparo Pedrosa, interviewed the General Coordinator of the “Un libro por centavos” Collection. The interview was held during the program “El Radiólogo,” created in August 2017, and named by combining the words radio and dialogue.