Spanish poet invited to Externado Language Day celebration dies in La Mancha

To Fermín Fernández, our good friend: In December 2018, in concluding the Externado de Colombia University Cultural Decanatura activities celebrating the 15th anniversary of the “UN LIBRO POR CENTAVOS” Collection, pays tribute with the publication of Book No. 152 “Trece poetas españolas de hoy,” carefully prepared and selected by poet Manuel Neila.

At the Filbo

Featuring “Mi corazón se desató en el viento” By Pablo Neruda

Externadista Cinema Club presents its memories “Beyond the screen”

The presentation of the Cultural Notebook “Memorias del Club de Cine Externadista – Más allá de la pantalla, 2008-2015” (Memories of the Externadista Cinema Club – Beyond the screen, 2008-2015) will be held on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. The book compiles complete analyses on feature films shown during nearly a decade, as part of the Cultural Decanatura activities.