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Second Managerial Accounting Competition

Externadista Public Accounting Faculty: "Much more than 50 years of presence in Colombia"

On August 11, 2017, the University will welcome 306 10th and 11th- grade students and 30 teachers from 25 Bogotá High Schools, who accepted the invitation to participate in the second version of the Managerial Accounting Competition, held since 2016.

On this occasion, the main theme centers on the celebration of the Faculty’s first 50 years, and, according to the methodology proposed for the competition, will include academic, fun, and promotional activities, of the Faculty as well as the University.

This event has been possible thanks to the support and guidance from the Department of Admissions and University Promotion which organized the event logistics and the visitors’ agenda.

If the Externadista community wants to be up to date on the event activities, they can follow us at our official Facebook page UExternado.ContaduriaPublica.