Are there any protection mechanisms in the face of financial crime in Colombia?

This query will be resolved in the "Financial Criminology" course organized by the Externado Public Accounting Faculty and the Virtual Education Center, as a measure of awareness and knowledge in light of the corruption and fraud cases occurring at a global level.

All interested in this topic can access, cost-free, and without any prerequisite, this Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) beginning February 4, 2019, at the MiriadaX virtual platform. Registration deadline is February 16, 2019.

Participants will acquire basic tools for detection of economic and financial crimes permeating different structures. This topic, emerging as a new focus of study and training, is capturing the interest of accounting and financial sciences professionals.

Undertaking this field requires study parameters allowing to understand the essence of this problem and the scope it may have for organizational management. The course comprises four academic modules: basic concepts and current context of financial crime; Prevention of financial crimes; Investigation of financial crimes, and the Trial. Expert guests Fredy Bautista, Liliana Gutiérrez, Lina María Chacón, and Ana Solano participated in the preparation of this MOOC.

Juan Manuel Guerrero, Dean of the Externado Public Accounting Faculty, specialized in university education, graduate programs Professor, and creator of this course states: “this MOOC aims to motivate individuals to pursue the study of financial crime which affects not only Colombia but the world.”

To enroll in the course, please complete the registration form here. Once the information fields are filled in, you will receive an email confirmation with the username and password assigned to access the platform. The duration of this course is four weeks.

As the theme is relatively new at the investigative level, it is necessary to understand that the deepening level requires an interdisciplinary training allowing analyzing and proposing effective solutions to criminal matters with financial, prevention of corporate fraud, money laundering in different financial entities, or administration of Colombian justice components.