Four prestigious universities will hold the “First International Cycle of Accounting Research Conferences”

The Universities Externado de Colombia, Nacional de Colombia, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, and Los Andes, come together to offer these conferences on May 23, 24 and 25, 2018.

Four Bogotá prestigious universities, covering a broad spectrum of the accounting profession in Colombia, decided to unite and organize the “First International Cycle of Accounting Research Conferences.” The event features a wide variety of academic sessions including proposals, new analyses, visions, and multidisciplinary solutions to understand and respond to the problems facing the accounting practice.

The significance of the event is, precisely, that the universities will go from individual contributions to working in cooperation, as an essential step to generate synergies contributing to the development of the country.

The institutions involved in this effort are the Universidad Externado de Colombia, which will contribute its experience in the business scenario from a management approach; the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, with its academic strength as a center of thought; the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, with its closeness to the world of accounting firms and professionals, and the Universidad de Los Andes, with their approach to the corporate world and international perspective.

 This joint effort will show the international accounting academic community that Colombian society is taking transcendental steps for peace from the construction of knowledge.  This concept has already been recognized by prominent academics, such as Shyam Sunder, one of the key speakers and who was, in fact, one of the promoters of this initiative.

Professor Shyam Sunder, of Yale University, a renowned accounting theorist, will share his recent reflections on financial accounting regulations throughout the world. The other two international guests are Stephen Salter, Professor at Middle Tennessee State University and a visiting professor at the Administration Faculty of the Universidad de los Andes. He has extensive experience in behavioral research and will talk about his intercultural perspective; specifically, the effect of cultural values in the design of management control systems.

Professor José Luis Pungitore, from the Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, is an academic dedicated to Economics Sciences, with ample experience in the Argentine private and public sectors.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students, professionals, and academics from different disciplines are cordially invited to attend, without cost, the conferences addressing aspects relating to accounting risks, behavioral accounting research, accounting thought studies, and financial accounting regulation.