Externado and Veracruzana (Mexico) Universities sign academic cooperation and internationalization agreement

The universities signed a collaboration agreement to carry out academic, student, and research exchanges and develop postgraduate programs between the Externado Social Communication- Journalism Faculty Research Group on Political Communication and the University Veracruzana (UV) Center for Studies of Opinion and Analysis.

The document was signed by Sara Ladrón de Guevara, rector of the University Veracruzana, and Externado Rector, Juan Carlos Henao, represented at the official delivery of the document by the Dean of the Social Communication – Journalism Faculty, Luz Amalia Camacho.

Ladrón de Guevara stated this agreement nurtures the internationalization and research objective of Latin American universities relating to political communication topics and opinion studies, particularly, the Externado Masters programs in Political Communication and the University Veracruzana Specialization in Opinion Studies.

In this same sense, Ladrón de Guevara thanked the Externado de Colombia University “for the opportunity to establish a collaboration agreement in a key field in today’s world. In this way, while making our contribution in the field, we see our academic internationalization objective come to fruition.”

The document provides for exchanges of staff, and students for research stays; exchange, promote and co-edit editorial products and documentaries; organize seminars, courses and conferences relating to the topics outlined; and promote participation by academics and researchers from the Colombian university to impart key lectures at events organized by both institutions.

Our Dean, Luz Amalia Camacho Velásquez, expressed her satisfaction in formalizing the agreement, as “it has been an endeavor carved from the bottom up and we have a history of collaboration with academics Claudio Castro, Patricia Andrade, and Rubén Flores.” She also stressed that the Faculty’s Political Communication Research Group had combined its work with members of the UV CEOA. “For us, it is of the utmost importance to strengthen this international mobility and the internationalization of our research and our group.”

“For the Research Group on Political Communication and the Master’s program, it is an honor to sign this agreement which, we have no doubt, will be very productive for both institutions. Thank you very much for the warm welcome,” she concluded.

Claudio Rafael Castro López, the general coordinator of the University Veracruzana CEOA, expressed: “It is a pleasure for us to enter this exchange agreement with a university with a 133-year history and in its liberalism context inherent since its foundation.”