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Professor from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico, visits the Social Communication – Journalism Faculty

Professor researcher Carlos Muñiz, of Spanish origin, has come to the Externado to impart a series of conferences and workshops on Political Communication.

Dr. Muñiz, PhD in Communication from the University of Salamanca, is a Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, México, and leader of the Political Communication Research Group at the same university.  The Professor is visiting the Faculty to impart lectures to teachers and students of the Masters in Political Communication and the Social Communication – Journalism undergraduate programs, as well as the Political Communication research group.

Professor Muñiz, in his sabbatical year, arrived in Colombia to continue the research he has been working on for two years, comprising an international network of researchers from Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia. The project, in which the Externado Social Communication Faculty research team is participating, aims to analyze and compare the citizenship political culture and the media coverage of politics and presidential management in the three countries.

Expectations on the Professor’s visit are high. In addition to strengthening relations between the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León and the Externado University research groups, the main purpose is to develop databases allowing work on joint projects.  The objective is “to disseminate what we are doing, and also, obtain all the experience available here so we can enrich our experience as researchers through the exchange of information.”

The researcher, an enthusiast of the investigative process, highlights the Faculty’s good image and refers to students as “very prepared, studious, and interested. They have an excellent profile for working in research areas, so I have a great impression of Externado students.”

In the same way, he referred to the country and its current situation: “I love Colombia. I believe it is a country that has been progressing and is trying to take advantage of its full potential. It is a country where it is possible to have very pleasant experiences and with very nice people.”