Social Communication – Journalism Students winners of the KienyKe National Digital Journalism Awards

At the second edition of these prestigious awards, students of our House of Studies received accolades in different categories for the work carried out in the Language and Production area subjects. The works were published in the Externado Connection, the Faculty’s communication platform, endorsed by the Inter-American Press Association.


Graduate Angie Sofía Aguilera Daza won first place in the Interview category, with “Memoria y resistencia: mujeres del Pacífico” (Memory and resistance: women of the Pacific), a work on the transfer of ancestral knowledge to a large city such as Bogotá. Aguilera received the ‘Xilópalo,’ an original statuette by maestro Carlos Salas that embodies traditional journalism in the process of casting with the senses, effort, quality, and talent of the country’s digital journalism.

“This is a recognition of all my efforts during my studies, especially the work awarded. It materializes the love and passion I feel for telling stories and making them heard by many more people, especially stories of people who are not usually heard and perceived by society. Also, it is an incentive to continue telling stories of those who, not always, have a voice,” said Angie Sofía.

Our graduate thanked the Social Communication – Journalism Faculty for the knowledge obtained, allowing her to achieve this award. “Honestly, without the Faculty’s many contributions, I would not have succeeded. Thanks to my training, I understood the value of stories and our power as journalists to transmit them and understand how the digital world allows creating powerful products in various formats, allowing them to reach a wider audience. My project is an audiovisual journey through the lives of two women. The knowledge acquired allowed me to recognize, from the outset, the suitable format and how to transmit these women’s’ message clearly,” said Aguilera.


Students María Alejandra Acero Sánchez and Mónica Alejandra Leguizamón won second place in the Caricature and Illustration category for their infographic “Resiliencia ambiental? (Environmental Resilience?) – showing the impacts of war and violence on the environment. This work was published in the Externado Connection, the Social Communication – Journalism Faculty’s communication media.


Likewise, students Juan Camilo Vargas Pérez, María Camila Herrera Gómez, and María José́ Salamanca Rodríguez won second place in the Graphic Reporting category for their work “Pasajeros recorriendo el puerto más importante del Río Magdalena” (Passengers exploring the most important port of the Magdalena River), a trip guided by Honda inhabitants, witnesses and protagonists of what this port represents in the history of Colombia. The work was published in the Externado Connection.


Lastly, Externadista communicators Laura Daniella Delgado Albarracín, Carolina Rojas Terranova, Juan Diego Cardozo Maglioni, and María Camila Veloza Chacón won third place in the Multimedia category, for their “Cali y sus raíces afro” (Cali and its Afro roots), a convergent special seeking to delve into the meaning of being a “caleño.”

The Social Communication – Journalism Faculty congratulates this large group of students and graduates who reflect the professional training quality of this academic unit.