Social Communication – Journalism Students exhibit “Behind the Bicentennial,” a sampling with diverse views of the Independence

Externado Social Communication – Journalism second-semester students presented the Externadista community its photographic collection "Behind the Bicentennial." The exhibit is product of a investigation on the different personalities who participated in the Colombia independence.

The exhibit focuses on characters without historical distinction, such as the peasants of the Colombian highlands, Afro-descendants, slaves, and free individuals, Creole women belonging to the high echelons of the Granada society, and others who covertly engaged in the battle, as well as British legionnaires, among others, chosen to rediscover and enrich the independence scenario projected in the History of Colombia classes.

Together with the study of Photography, the students brought these characters to life to foster an empirical approach to a still latent but little-known past. In this sense, the students depicted these individuals wearing their regular garments and then photographed them from various scenarios to recreate possible everyday life scenes of the time.

The exhibition was held at the Externado de Colombia University, First Floor Hall, Block D.