Research professor of the School of Social Communication – Journalism, obtains the title of Doctor in Social Studies

Thanks to the support of the School of Social Communication - Journalism and the doctoral scholarship that is part of the agreement "Promotion of Training Abroad" of the Universidad Externado de Colombia, the research professor, Alfredo Saab, received the degree of Doctor in Social Studies from the same University.

Saab is also a philosopher and writer from Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino and holds a Master’s degree in Education from Universidad Externado de Colombia. He currently teaches Logic, Argumentation and Debate at the School of Social Communication – Journalism.


His doctoral thesis, entitled Methodological Presuppositions for the Development of Posthuman Studies in Colombia, contributes to the reflection on the emergence of the media in the current context and involves aspects ranging from media archeology, hardware and software studies, insect media, to the posthuman study of the media, among other contemporary currents of social studies on media. The thesis presented by Saab offers a cartography of the current reflection on the media and establishes the scope of this reflection in the Colombian context. From this horizon, it establishes methodological assumptions for the continuation of research in the same direction. Hence its contribution to the creation of new lines of research from the proposed master’s degrees in the Faculty of Social Communication – Journalism.

“All machines are media and all media are machines”, is a phrase that could synthesize the orientation from which the doctoral research is proposed. The thesis presents the deconstruction of the human from the posthuman perspective of social studies of the media, of the production of works of art and of the creation of an ontological paradigm shift.

“It is an honor and a joy to graduate from this university. I thank the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and the Faculty of Social Communication – Journalism for their continuous guidance and support”, says Alfredo Saab, and concludes: “I am an Externadista to the marrow of my bones”.

The School of Social Communication – Journalism extends its most sincere congratulations to Dr. Alfredo Saab, for this important degree obtained.