David Trujillo, an Externadista social communicator, obtains double recognition at the Simón Bolívar journalism awards

At the 45th edition of the Simón Bolívar National Journalism Awards, the highest distinction in this discipline in Colombia, our House of Studies graduate obtained the Reporting - Audio category Award and recognition in the Chronicle - Audio category.

The Externadista caught the judges’ attention with two journalistic stories published in the narrative podcast of Latin American stories, Radio Ambulante.

The chronicle “Leonela quiere ser tu amiga” (Leonela wants to be your friend), awarded the jury’s recognition, is a story that, according to analysts, “would not have been possible if there were no podcasts, a new and close resource. However, in this case, the tool is useless if the journalist fails to craft a story able to hold the listener’s attention for almost an hour. Trujillo surpassed this objective with meticulous reporting and a well-structured narrative, very human, and maintaining the magical rhythm and tone that audio products require.

Likewise, the work “13 lunas” (13 moons), winner for best Reporting – Audio, carried out with journalist Mariana Palau, is a story that delves into the sect formed by the “taita” Orlando Gaitán. It is a story in which, behind the rituals of yagé and spiritual cleansing, the authors uncover a murky plot of the alleged healer’s sexual abuse of young women and corruption. According to the jury’s criteria, “the narration gives way to the testimonies of multiple victims who tell the most revealing details of this dependency relationship with the leader of the Carare community. The story’s sustained rhythm, narrative climaxes, and sound effects creating enveloping atmospheres are of the best technical quality.”

“For me, it is a huge achievement as a journalist. I never produced these stories thinking about awards, but without a doubt, they are a fuel to continue doing my work with all the rigor, dedication, and effort. Regarding Radio Ambulante, these awards are for this wonderful journalistic project; they are hallmarks of the excellent journalism it offers. Our audience will now have much more confidence in our stories and that the way we tell them is the best of the best,” says David.

For the graduate, the contribution to his career by the Externado Social Communication – Journalism degree was representative for obtaining these achievements. “Those bases were the ones allowing me to enter Radio Ambulante. The humanistic training, reporting rigor, and writing quality were fundamental. I had incredible professors who taught me a great deal about what I do today,” states Trujillo.

Luz Amalia Camacho, Dean of the Social Communication – Journalism Faculty, delivered a congratulatory message to the Externadista communicator. “For the Faculty, this double recognition of the most prestigious journalism award in the country evidences how the constant updating of our plan of studies is responding to new narrative logics, such as the podcast. David is a reference for the vocation and talent of our new generation of journalists, an Externadista pride.”

The Social Communication – Journalism Faculty exalts David Trujillo’s work and sends him warm congratulations for the recognitions obtained.