Social Communication – Journalism Faculty celebrates International Women’s Day with an exhibit of 41 posters

Within the celebration of International Women’s Day and to strengthen the cooperation agreement with Prodesarrollo Corporation of the Subachoque Valley, Prosubachoque, the Externado Social Communication – Journalism Faculty presents 41 posters alluding to this particular day, exhibited in the Prosubachoque Corporation digital media.

The posters result from the work carried out by Information Design third-semester students, guided by professors Orlando Valencia and Paola Albao.

“This work visualizes the students’ view on the commemoration of Women’s Day, where they present their proposals and are characterized by pointing out women’s qualities that stand out the most. It is a sampling that rescues the role of women in society, based on original illustrations made in Photoshop and Illustrator programs,” says Professor Orlando Valencia.

With this contribution, the Faculty strengthens its extension agreements and highlights the students’ academic works, who, within this commemoration framework, express their perspective on women’s role in society.