OPERA Research group

The Observatory on Policies, Execution and Results of Public Administration (OPERA) was created in 1995 as a space for reflecting on public issues that are vital to the country. This reflection is based on empirical analyses, the writing of conclusions and recommendations regarding the public sphere, the different institutional actors that are involved and their interaction with the private sector and society at large. The analysis of the public offers support to educate, produce knowledge and transform the reality of Colombia.

The scope of application of this observatory can be seen in the 4 lines of research established:

  1. Public administration, public policy and governance
  2. Conflict, peace and security
  3. Political and electoral processes
  4. Sustainable and territorial development
Classification by Colciencias

Currently, the group has an A1 classification with Colciencias (Colombia Sciences), in accordance with the results of the national calls for papers for the recognition and evaluation of research groups, technological development or of innovation and for the recognition of research of SNCTel 2017.