New Externado Graduate Program

The Social and Human Sciences Faculty introduces the Transdisciplinary Master’s in Sustainable Living Systems Program.

As a result of its search for answers to social, economic, and epistemological ruptures in the 21st century, the Externado Social and Human Sciences Faculty presented its new graduate program – Transdisciplinary Masters in Sustainable Living Systems.


At the introduction of the new program, a meeting was held with representatives from social organizations, public institutions, the academic community and business enterprises, to establish communication networks on sustainable living.

The program studies are framed in the inclusive education of the mind, body, heart, and the relationships with others for the collaborative management of sustainable social systems, in balance with nature. The Master’s program focuses on the construction and reconstruction of knowledge through collective work; thus allowing to create different communication dynamics for education.

The destruction of nature, climate change, frequent economic crises, the spread of violence, social inequality, and psychic problems, among others, are indicators of the need to profoundly transform the way we relate to ourselves, others, nature, and knowledge.

At the presentation, Gustavo Montañez, Program Director, and Professor-Researcher reflected: “The meaning of knowledge is very close to the meaning of life. The Masters is a bet on that. This new program provides an academic experience under new paradigms, forming integral leaders, converging with science and other knowledge in a holistic understanding of reality.