Registration opens for the Master’s in Rural Dynamics and Globalization

One of the goals of the program is to contribute to the strengthening and capability development in communities and institutions at the local level, to generate new life and production alternatives.

Likewise, the Master’s seeks to create integration processes between urban and rural, and local and global.

The Social and Human Sciences Faculty, through the creation of the Master’s program, aims to help implement the changes required by the country, with a view to the construction of peace, social justice, and sustainability.

The specific objectives are to contribute to the collective understanding of the country and world circumstances, marked by globalization, and with critical and applied training of individuals able to assist the communities that will produce changes. Additionally, it seeks to contribute to the construction, valuation, and adjustments to initiatives, giving free rein to the country’s transformation. Also, the program seeks, through academic reflection, debate, and research, to strengthen the processes of transition to post-conflict and peacebuilding, among others.

The Master’s in Rural Dynamics and Globalization has a formative theoretical – practice base, providing tools for understanding national and international environments. Each semester the program will organize a field trip to learn the reality of the territorial environments.

Within the areas of research, students will delve into the following thematic emphasis: conflicts and productive transformations; rurality, ecology, and environmental sustainability; the State, nuclei interests and nuclei power; energy and non-renewable natural resources; food issues, security, autonomy, and sovereignty.

The Externado Faculty Social and Human Sciences Faculty’s highly qualified professors will contribute their interdisciplinary perspectives.

Registration deadline: July 27, 2018

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