Externadistas featured in event dealing with the climate crisis, in Germany

During International Climate Week, where the words by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg shook world leaders at the UN Summit in New York, and in the face of the challenge of the amazon fires, two Externadistas spoke, at the University of Rostock in Germany, in pro of international protection of the Amazon basin.

The International Climate Alliance Congress was held in the German city on September 25-27, 2019. The event included participation by Robinson López, coordinator of Climate Change and Biodiversity of COICA (Coordinator of Amazonian Basin Indigenous Organizations) and a graduate of our House of Studies, and professor Raphael Ferbas, of the Social and Human Sciences Faculty, both on a Europe academic tour.

At this important meeting, a new collaboration agreement was signed between the Alliance for Climate, linking 1700 European municipalities, and COICA, to protect the lung of the world.

Professor Ferbas, the academic coordinator of the Externado Transdisciplinary Master’s in Sustainable Living Systems, promotes intercontinental dialogue from a holistic approach to life, shared with the ancestral worldview of the Colombian indigenous peoples.   The two Externadistas’ messages inspired the European delegates to learn about the importance of traditional knowledge for cultural transformation towards sustainability, necessary in the face of the climate emergency humanity is experiencing.

The Transdisciplinary Master’s in Sustainable Living Systems is an innovative program of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, seeking to strengthen the Western science dialogue with the richness of Colombia’s biocultural knowledge.

Currently, with the goal of continuing training sustainability leaders, the Externado has opened registration for the third cohort.

Learn more about the Master’s program here