The Externado Science Laboratory will have new technological equipment in 2019

The new acquisition will allow us to keep up with Social Neuroscience studies demands, i.e., conducting experiments in real time and natural conditions.

The Interdisciplinary Science and Human Processes Laboratory – LINCIPH – in its commitment to innovation, research, and providing services in the field of social neuroscience, has invested in wireless electrophysiology (OpenBCI) devices. This platform allows measuring electroencephalographic (EEG), electrocardiographic (ECG), and electromyogram (EMG) in 16 wireless channels. Thus, research can be carried outside the laboratory and with different groups of people, simultaneously.

Additionally, the Laboratory has expanded its portfolio of services and products with Eye-tracking technology which allows analyzing human behavior from other perspectives, through eye tracking and analysis of facial expressions. “IMOTIONS” software will make it possible to integrate these new technologies into experiments, along with the existing ones in the Laboratory.

The Social and Human Sciences Faculty invites the Externadista community to learn about these new technologies and use them in their research.