Externado will host the “XI National Congress and the XII International Neuroscience Seminar”

With attendance by 19 international and 30 national guests and participation by the neuroscientist academic community, the Externado is preparing to host, April 26-28, 2018, this important event organized by the Colombian College of Neurosciences (COLNE).

It is the first time the Externado hosts a scientific event in this field, thanks to the collaborative work our House of Studies’ Human and Social Sciences Faculty has been developing with COLNE.

The Faculty will be the leading host of its social Neuroscience teams: The Research Group on Health, Medical Knowledge, and Society, of the Center for Research and Social Dynamics- CIDS –  and the Science and Human Processes Interdisciplinary Laboratory – LINCIPH.

This edition of the Congress and the International Seminar will have participation by renowned national and international researchers from different areas of neuroscience, allowing socialization of neuroscientific advances in Colombia, Latin America, and the world.

The event features eight key conferences by international speakers, as well as ten symposia, with the participation of national and international guests.  Discussions will address Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology; Neurodegeneration; Social Neuroscience; Systems Electrophysiology; Neuroanatomy; Neuroendocrinology; Neuroscience and Behavior; Neuroimaging and Brain Dynamics.

Additionally, there will be an exhibit of posters disseminating other studies carried out on different subjects, bringing together the country’s neuroscientist community.

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, and the Universidad de Antioquia also form part of the Organizing Committee.